HPS Promachtech Co., Ltd.

(Premium)DuraDrive Lagging



Designed to Prevent Belt-to-Pulley Slippage

Designed especially to prevent belt-to-pulley slippage on today's high-speed corrugators, DURA-DRIVE® LAGGING is constructed of two layers of 100% synthetic fabric and manufactured with the same high-tech fibers and yarns as DURA-DRY® 2000.

The fabric is heat stabilized for strength and chemically treated for fiber bonding and abrasion resistance. Available in widths of 18.5”, 20”, 22.5", 25.5” and 28” and in lengths of 20’, 40’, 60’, 80’ and 100’, DURA-DRIVE® LAGGING will cover any typical machine. It is manufactured in a nominal thickness of .180” (Style 2203.



     Prevent belt-to-pulley slippage

     Resists abration and contamination

     Durable, long-lasting performance

     Easy to install and remove



     Caliper          4.6 mm

     Weight          2.2 kg / m²



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