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PE1620SA(H)L-Extra Automatic diecutting & creasing machine with stripping station

Extra series automatic diecutting & creasing machines are upgraded classic Eterna products, enjoying a high reputation among customers. The machines are new upgraded, same as Maxcut lead edge feeder, more accurate and positive feeding. Extra series can handle E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board (1~9 mm) smoother. The feeder section which is more intelligent is suitable for running materials like not only the common printed corrugated board, but also litho-laminated board.

We adopt the advanced centerline system which makes the cutting die and stripping die centered quickly. For normal cutting die, it takes only 7-8 minutes to set up. The sheet size, especially the sheet direction, is 1200 mm which can meet the demand of make-up, improving the working efficiency.

Meeting the demands of every customer with personalized service is what we Eterna people always keep doing. You can customize the feeding accuracy and delivery section mode. 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines guarantees the stability.





Maximum Sheet Size: 1620x1200mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 650 x 450 mm
Maximum Cutting Size: 1600 x 1180 mm
Inner Chase Size: 1630 x 1210 mm
Maximum Mechanical Speed: 5000 cycles/hour
Maximum Cutting Pressure: 400 tons
Stock Range: E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board (1~8.5mm)
Minimum Gripper Margin: 6-12 mm
Minimum Gripper Waste: 12 mm
Cutting Rule Height: 23.8 mm
Total Power Required: 42 KW
Main Motor Power: 22 KW
Electrical Power: 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase
Air Pump Displacement: 0.7m³/min
Mobile Lower Platen Adjusting Range: ±1.5mm
Net Weight of Machine: 35 tons
Gross Weight of Machine: 40 tons
Machine Dimensions: 11005(L)x5670(W)x2480(H)mm(incl. Catwalk)



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