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PE1650SA(H)L-Action Automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machine with stripping station and Lead Edge Feeder

The look of action series automatic diecutting & creasing machines is designed by the Group. We paid close attention to the ergonomics, thus the machine is more compact and easy to use.

Action series sheet feeding grid height are adjustable according to sheet quality and thickness for smooth and precise feeding. Equipped with 10.4’ color touch screen operation panel gives total control of the machine and graphic display machine parameters, job setting, fault diagnosis and etc., more direct and operator friendly. The maximum mechanical speed is 5800 cycles/hour, more efficient and productive.




Maximum   Sheet Size

1650 x 1200 mm

Minimum   Sheet Size

650 x 450 mm

Maximum   Cutting Size

1630 x 1180 mm

Inner   Chase Size

1670 x 1230 mm

Stock   Range

E, B, C, A and AB flute corrugated board

Minimum   Gripper Waste

(Distance   from first knife to paper edge)

12 mm (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills,  etc.)

Minimum   Gripper Margin

6~12 mm

Cutting   Rule Height

 23.8 mm

Maximum   Mechanical Speed

5800 cycles/hour

Production   Speed

3500~5800 cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation   skills, etc.)

Maximum   Cutting Pressure

400 tons

Total   Power Required

45 KW

Main   Motor Power

18.5 KW

Electrical   Power

380V, 50HZ, 3-phase

Air   Pump Displacement

1.05m3/min, 12kg/cm2 (Prepared by User)

Mobile   Lower Platen Adjusting Range

 ±1.5 mm

Machine   Dimensions 11500(L) x 5840(W) x 2514(H) mm (incl. Catwalk)


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